You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry.”—Psalm 10:17


GOD!  Oops, I mean, Dear God.  I cry, “UNCLE!”  Oh, wait, that’s an old timey expression.  In case you don’t remember it (ha, ha, ha – that’s sarcasm), I say, “ENOUGH!! I’ve had enough.  Really!  I’m tired. Really tired.  I’m broken.  I’m having those chasing nightmares which also means I’m running. There is too much to pray for.  Now France. I am a broken mess.  I’ve. Had. Enough.

God, why are you smiling?  I’m serious.

“Because I love you, my little one.”

But the world is a broken mess, too.  Have you seen what has been happening?  Hate. Fear. Anger. Violence.  Etc. When I ask you to fix things, you keep telling me to fix things.  That it’s my job.  I’m telling you I can’t. I’m too small. I have no energy. I want a miracle.  I want you to intervene.  Period.

You’re smiling again.

“Yes, because I love you my broken little mess.”

“Now, be still.  I’m here.  Look at me and listen. Only here with me will you have peace.  Only in my arms will the world have peace. And forgiveness.  And love. And joy. So consider this, what do you believe would happen if all who prayed, even the broken messes, prayed for peace in the world? Every day?Think about this. Remember Abraham? In Genesis 18? Do you remember that he asked me to save Sodom and Gomorrah if he found 50 righteous people?  Then he got worried about finding that many and asked for 45 righteous people instead. Do you remember that he gave up bargaining when he got to ten people? After that he quit asking me and went home.  Did he think it was impossible? What if he had asked for one righteous person? Ponder that for a minute. Your prayers, as well as the collective prayers of all the others who pray, is part of what I mean when I tell you to fix things. I use those. Prayer changes things. Don’t despair.”

That reminds me of what Thomas Merton said.  He said, “What is the use of praying if at the very moment of prayer, we have so little confidence in God that we are busy planning our own kind of answer to our prayer?” I guess I want it the way I want it to be. Right??

“Hang in there with me.  Be still.  Be at peace. Ok?”

Ok. Thanks for listening, God.

“Now, why are you smiling?”

Because I love you, too, my great, big, God. I love you, too.

“I bring not only my own weariness but the tiredness of people who struggle this night [and day].  I bring not only my own pain but the sufferings of those who cry out. Hear my soul’s prayers for rest, O God, hear my heart’s plea for healing.” ~ J. Philip Newell, Celtic Benediction

For the peace of the whole world we pray, “Lord, have mercy.”


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