The Father loves the Son and shows him all that he himself is doing; and he will show him greater works than these, so that you will be astonished. ~ John 5:20

Today was much like most other days – get up; coffee; pray; coffee; breakfast; go to work; coffee; errands, etc.  Except today is different because once a month I have two articles to write in the same week.  Today, I must write a meditation, like I hope this will be, and also a longer article for the church’s newsletter. It is always a different day when I do this and I sometimes can’t think of things to write.

But, I remember a word from last Sunday’s sermon. From my perch high up in the rafters (choir loft) on Sunday mornings, I don’t always hear every word of it (I listened to it later from the web page – good one by the way), but today I remember the word “astonish”.  I think about that word and realize that I have to catch my breath when I meditate on it.  It’s that kind of word.

I had to run an errand in the middle of writing and the glory of the blooming trees caught my attention and my breath.  I had to try to keep my eyes on the road.  The white and pink blossoms midst the green of evergreens and new growth were breathtaking.  I was astonished that they made it through all of the heavy, wet snow last week still looking as they do. It’s that kind of day.

I looked up the word on Bible Gateway, NRSV version, and found “astonished” was used 22 times, 13 in the New Testament, and most of those were in reference to something Jesus had done.  Astonished is a verb – to astonish.  Oops, sorry – English major writing.

So, when has Jesus astonished me?  Many, many times when I think about it. The first time I really remember being astonished by Jesus was when our 5-day old daughter was instantaneously healed by prayer – ours and the church’s.  She was most likely dying.  I learned God hears my prayers.  Yes!!

Once I had lost a favorite erring, so I prayed Jesus would help me find it.  Not only did I find it, but I found it on my bed with the back still on the post.  I had been wearing it most of the day. I could hardly breathe.  I learned that God cares about the little things I care about.

I could tell so many stories that wow me while following Jesus. Healings – yes.  Finding lost things – yes. And guidance things over and over again even before I knew it was God – yes!  The recent on-going “astonished” has to do with how our house was sold and how we found a new one (I can’t wait to get into it). I knew it had to be God. Several times, when I got a bit antsy and tried to hurry things up (how human is that?), I heard Jesus laugh.

About moving to Greeley – He just said, “Go!” and then he said, “Stay!”  There is no space to describe this, today, but my life has changed so much since then, and I know it is Jesus’ doings.  When I really think about it, it’s another breath catcher, and this is only a part of the whole. There is still more astonishing things to come, I imagine, if I stay aware enough to see them. Thank you, Jesus.

How about you? How have you been astonished by Jesus, lately?


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