O my soul, created to enjoy such exquisite gifts, what are you doing? Where is your life going? ~ John of the Cross

I have no inspiration today, no words of wisdom to share.  As I review other writings I have done at this time of year, I notice that this is common.  Somehow I run out of words in early November, but I do have some random thoughts.

I have been meditating on the quote above by St. John of the Cross.  I don’t exactly feel at a crossroads, but maybe I’m reviewing.   Am I doing what God wants me to be doing at this time in my life or am I doing what I am for my own reasons?  I don’t know, but I hope it is the former. I asked God, “Would you ever have imagined that I would be doing the things I am doing today? You know, spiritual direction, writing, praying with others for healing, and teaching?  I didn’t.” Immediately, I had an inner sense of God with an impish grin, sparkling eyes and a good deal of inner laughter, who said, “I know, isn’t it great.” This didn’t really answer my question of where my life is going, however.

I decided, this week, to look for the Kingdom of God. Here is what I noticed:

A 9News story about a homeless man and his 10 year old daughter living in his broken down car.  He had lost his job because he couldn’t get to work.  His daughter’s school suspected this and intervened.  The Denver community helped him find a subsidized apartment, a job, furnishings for the home, clothes, food and cash until he could start getting money, again.  The Kingdom of God at work, yes?

A Facebook story about a high school student, now a football player, who earlier was so miserable he planned to kill himself.  Before he actually did, he cried out to God and asked God to show himself if he was real.  God did, and the boy’s life was changed.  When he played and made a touchdown, he would kneel down and point to God above.  He did this to remember and acknowledge all God had done for him.  The player was told that he could not continue doing this or he would not be allowed to play. Though it hurt him, he complied.  The next time he made a touchdown, he turned to walk off the field.  As he did, crowds in the stands stood and pointed up toward God.  Kingdom work?  I believe so.

Many Facebook friends are posting positive and inspiring things that counteract the negative, even evil, posts that abound.  I have done this since I joined the site several years ago.  We try to help in spreading the Kingdom of God, so it can be seen, in this way.

The miracle story of my brother who had serious injuries earlier this year.  The doctors didn’t think he would live, but if he did, he would lose both legs.  Something inside him, God, gave him the will to live and he began to get better.  He did lose one leg and is still in assisted care, but he wrote this week, that in two weeks, he will get his new manufactured leg and continue his process of healing. The Kingdom of God.  Yes. Thank you, Jesus. I am so grateful.

Hasn’t this been the most beautiful fall?  It’s been vibrantly alive with God’s glory. Thank you.

I don’t know the answers to the questions that St. John asks above, but I will continue to listen for them as I seek to spread God’s Kingdom.

In what ways have you noticed God this past week?

“I believe that home is Christ’s kingdom,
which exists both within us and among us
as we wend our prodigal ways
through the world in search of it.” ~ Frederick Buechner



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