A FRIDAY MEDITATION – Help! We need Jesus.

Lord, we come to You not because you are our last hope, but because You are our first love. 
We’re not waiting to come to You only when we think there’s nothing else we can do.
We’re coming to You before we do anything at all…
~ Ann Voskamp

All day I’ve been trying to come up with something good and uplifting to write about, something to lift my spirits and yours.  My writings go all over the country, now, because someone told me I needed to start a blog – or maybe I should say, strongly suggested.  Because of that, often my meditations may not be as personal as they were when I first began writing them for our local Daughters of the King.

The only thing that comes is not uplifting. The world is broken.  My heart is broken to read about and see all of the horrors, not only on other shores, but in our own country. We so need Jesus. The world needs Jesus. I need Jesus.  I feel helpless. And scared.

Ann Voskamp wrote about an interaction with a young woman whom she had known as a young girl.  She had come home and noticed the cross Ann wears.  She nodded toward the cross and asked, “Is that who you are now?” Without waiting for an answer she said, “Tell me that you care about immigrants who are simply desperate for a safe place to exist or I’m not listening to your Jesus who you’re claiming exists in you.” Then among other statements, “Show me how you love your welfare-dependent, substance-addicted, God-rejecting neighbours as yourself —and maybe I’ll listen to your GodJust— just tell me that you love people different than you, more than you dismiss them — or I’m indifferent to listening to this Jesus who you say you love.”

When touched on a very deep level, vocal prayers are difficult for me.  Prayers come in the form of silence.  That’s OK.  It may be your way, also.  But, prayer is something we can all do; it helps us realize that without Jesus, we can do little to make any real difference.  And without seeing Jesus in us, the world may not see Jesus at all. As many of you know, today our friend, Verlene, wrote two prayers for refugees for our use. Thank you, Verlene.  I feel less helpless with these. She has called the Daughters of the King to a Novena (nine days of prayer for a specific intention). Some add some form of fasting.  I am including these prayers for your use, and if you would like join in the Novena, please do.

“Father God, look with mercy upon those fleeing from the terror and destruction of their home countries, especially children whose lives are in such psychological as well as physical peril. Let this be a time of opportunity for them to learn of your love and provision. Stir the hearts of those in the places to where they have flown in desperation. Let their hearts be moved to compassion and generosity.  You, who fed the 5,000 with only five loaves and two fishes, you who rained down manna and quails in the desert to sustain your wandering people, provide that which is needed for those who seek safety. May those who know you be as lights in the darkness.  May those in need who do not know you find hope and new life in you. We ask in the name of our Savior Jesus.”

“Jesus, you were once a refugee in Egypt when your family fled the murderous tactics of Herod as he destroyed the babies of Bethlehem.  Look with pity upon the plight of today’s refugee families seeking a safer place for their children. Comfort those who mourn the loss of their little ones. Send angels in whatever guise to protect and help. We ask it all for your love’s sake.”



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