A FRIDAY MEDITATION – Signs of the Kingdom

Monday was a strange day. When I woke, I had a strong feeling that I needed to get ready to go to Grand Junction. I have been trying to discern the timing for this trip because my 93 year-old mother had gradually been going downhill.  But, when I prayed for her each day, I heard that I should wait.  Other things needed to happen first.  I was trying to listen, so on this day, I had a meeting and then planned to go home and pack.

In prayer, I heard, “Look for visible signs of the Kingdom of God.”  I’ve been daily looking for blessings even though sometimes the blessings noted were the usual of family, friends, shelter, etc.  Looking for the Kingdom was a new suggestion and something that really made sense because it is so easy to see all the trouble and signs of “not Kingdom” in the world every day

Leaving for work, I found that the garage door would not close, so I needed to rearrange a few things in order to make sure someone was home for the fixer of such messes.  I did mention to God that I didn’t think this was a Kingdom of God sign, but then really, who knows?  It wasn’t murder and mayhem.

My morning meeting was with my spiritual direction supervision group.  I shared with the other two directors my sense of needing to go to mom’s and God’s suggestion of noticing the Kingdom of God.  We talked about how that might look and we prayed together – a Kingdom sign.

When the meeting was over, I had a message to call my husband at home.  My mother was being transferred from the hospital to hospice.  She had had a bad night and they couldn’t stabilize her.   This explained my discernment that I needed to go over the mountain.  When I got home, I was talking with my husband about what was going on and looking at text messages from my two sisters who were with mom waiting for the transfer.  One sister had gone to the hospital to bring mom home. Then I got the text, “In the blink of an eye, she’s gone.”  Oh…

One of the scripture readings from Monday morning was from Mark 1 about the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law. Verse 31 says, “He [Jesus] came and took her by the hand and raised her up.” I planned to meditate more on this story and maybe write about it.

I have a wonderful supportive, praying church community, who within in minutes were sending prayers, love, offers of help and blessing.  I so often see God’s kingdom through you.  Thank you and bless you.

Stories of Mom – She had ordered lunch and was laughing and talking with my sisters about camping trips and her famous peach cobbler while they waited for hospital discharge papers and the transfer to hospice when in mid-laugh, she died.  Jesus “came and took her by the hand and raised her up.”  Thank you Lord.

When the hospice lady came with the discharge papers she said, “I guess she had discharge plans of her own.”  My sister said, “I thought I came (to the hospital) today to take her home. Apparently, God had the same plan.”

We, my siblings and I, have talked.  Mom would want this way of going rather than any other unless, possibly, while sitting down in her iris bed.  She is probably tending the iris in heaven today and planning the next flower bed.

I am Resurrection and I am Life, says the Lord. Whoever has faith in me shall have life, even though he die. And everyone who has life, and has committed himself to me in faith, shall not die for ever.
As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives and that at the last he will stand upon the earth. After my awaking, he will raise me up; and in my body I shall see God.” – The Book of Common Prayer

Rest in Peace, Mom. I love you.


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