A Holy Saturday Meditation


Love is in the tomb.

Today is a sad day in the life of the Christian Church—Jesus has been crucified.  This is the only day of the year when there is no reserved sacrament.  No communions will be offered and no sacraments can be consecrated.  (Until after sundown which, traditionally, is Sunday.) This day is for remembrance that Jesus has died but is not yet raised.

For the disciples, who do not know the end of the story, it is sadder still.  All their hopes are crushed.  Not only that, a dear friend has been savagely killed and they weren’t able to stay awake with Him as He asked at the last.  Some have betrayed him, too, and their grief is intense.  What will they hang on to, now?  How can they remember Him?  How can we?  Love is in the tomb, today.

One Disciple’s Lament

Oh God, my God, they have killed my Lord. Why? Why? He was so gentle and so strong.  He was the one—the Messiah.  How could they not know?  Our Hope is gone.  I stayed there at the cross and watched this horrible thing. I cannot bear those images.  My heart is broken in so many pieces and I cannot stop my crying.  Sobs come from the depths of me and tears continue to run down my face like rivers.  Oh, his dear lovely face.  Blood!  He forgave those who were responsible for his death.  He cried out to you, O God.  He forgave me and healed me with his love and he is gone.  There is a hole in me, now.   How can I go on without him?  I can’t go on without him.  Why?  Why? If I could only touch him, again.  And they beat his dear self-again and again.  If I had not been there to see, but I had to go and stay.  I could not but go and stay.  He felt abandoned by you and betrayed by his friends. Why did you not save him?  I cannot betray him nor abandon him, now.  He said it is finished.  Finished?   I could not leave him there alone.  I can’t leave him here in this tomb alone.  I feel abandoned, too, without him, but I stay here in this place where he is buried as much as I can. I can’t do this.  I can’t.  I can’t.  I am lost.

I will never again see his face, feel his touch, nor hear him call my name….

Love is in the Tomb, today.


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