Monday in Holy Week

What does Jesus do this day—the day after the crowds welcome him with praise as the promised Messiah? Scripture tells us that Jesus went about his business.  But he seems frustrated as he turns the cursing of the fig tree into a teaching on prayer.  He is angry when he sees his house filled with money changers—when he sees there practices that keep his people from the house of prayer.  He knows his time is short and he still has much to say and do.  He knows that even though he is the promised Messiah, he is not what the people want. They just don’t get it.  He knows that the disciples, even his close friends, don’t get it either. Do we get it?

Things are different, now, in the days following the procession into Jerusalem.  Jesus attends a dinner party in his honor at the home of Lazarus.  While they are eating, Mary pours costly perfume on Jesus’ feet and wipes them with her hair.  Judas, the one who was about to betray Jesus, is upset because the perfume was not sold and the money given to the poor, or so he says.  Jesus defends Mary.  “Leave her alone,” he says.  “She bought it for the day of my burial.  You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have me.”

They are confused.  We are confused.  What does Jesus mean by these words?  Why doesn’t he get on with his Kingdom?  Burial?  What burial?  Now that he is King, doesn’t Jesus care about the poor anymore?  Doesn’t he care about being Messiah? Something has changed.  But what? Why?  We don’t understand.  Isn’t it about us?  Is it all about Jesus, now?



“Simply Jesus Son of Man – Simply Jesus spotless lamb….

…Simply Jesus Living Word – Simply Jesus says it all.

Jesus Christ our Lord – Jesus Christ is Lord.”—Paul Kyle





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